Do I need to have Zoom?

Nope. We will provide a link for your event. Click that link and if you already have Zoom installed it will open up on your computer. If you don't, Zoom will ask you to download the app. You're welcome to ignore that and just click the link that says "join from your browser" and things will work just fine.

Is it individual or team play?

Depends on the size of your group. For up to 12, it's generally "individual" play. Larger groups of 16 or more and we'll definitely play in teams. Between 12 and 16, it's up to you!

Wait. Why was "individual" in quotes?

Good eye! When we say "individual", we're referring to each individual Zoom account. If there are several people in the household, they can all play together as a team, but for our purposes, they're considered one "individual".

Then what is "team play"?

In the team format, we combine several "individuals" into a team and we utilize Zoom's breakout room function. After a question is read, the team will have a few minutes to discuss things by themselves. Just like if you were at the real pub! Don't worry, your quizmaster will walk you through all of this.

Do I have to be good at trivia?

Not necessarily! The questions come from a wide range of categories - history, science, current events, pop culture, sports, geography, and more - so you never know. We all have our strengths, and in team play you'll be working the others in your group, and like they say - teamwork makes the dream work!

Plus, with quizzia, there's also a points strategy element, which helps level the playing field and keeps teams in it til the end. So that's cool. Again, this will all be explained in detail by your quizmaster.

How do you keep people from cheating?

Well, we can't. Technically, if someone wanted to look up the answers to the questions they could, just like if you were playing at an actual pub. We just ask everyone to operate by the "don't be a jerk" policy. Seriously, what's the point? But ultimately, it's up to you. It's your group. Our suggestion: don't invite jerks.

Can players tip the quizmaster?

Absolutely, thank you for asking! While never expected, gratuities are always appreciated. With your permission, quizmasters will post their Venmo information during the game, in the event players want to say thank$.

Are there prizes?

That's up to you! While we don't provide prizes, some groups like to have a llittle something fun for the winning team. Since quizzia is customizable, we'll work with you before your event to make sure details like these are covered.

How much does quizzia cost?

Prices range depending on several factors such as the event, number of participants, and if you want any premium add-ons such as customized trivia questions. To get a quote click here and tell us more about your group, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

OK, this all seems great. Now what does a quizzia event look like?

First, we will work with you to understand your group dynamic and their particular needs. Then, we will send you (our contact) a Zoom link with instructions to forward to your group. The room will be closed 5-10 minutes after the start time to insure everyone arrives on time and we don’t have to re-explain the rules. Once we begin, your quizmaster will explain all the details, including Zoom instructions for any newbies and how to play. In the event of team play, the teams will be divided up either at your direction or randomized. Then it's off to the, questions!

I have a big group. Will it just be a bunch of people talking over each other?

That’s the beauty of team play. After each question is read in the main room, the teams will be sent to breakout rooms and this is the time for the team to chat, discuss answers, and catch up on their own… just like you would in a pub. Depending on the size of your group, we may mute all participants when we're in the main room to avoid the "talking over each other" issue.

Cool! Can I reserve a weekly trivia night for my group?

Absolutely. In fact, we even offer discounts for pre-paid regular recurring events. Contact us here to let us know more about your group!

Can I play from my phone or tablet or do I need a computer?

First off, that's up to you. What am I, your mom? Here's the deal: any of them will work, however the key to remember is that we use the Zoom chat function to submit answers. Easiest to use chat - laptop or desktop computer. Next easiest - tablet. Least chat-friendly is probably your phone.

But wait! I still have questions that weren't answered here! How do I reach you?

You can email us at or just click HERE and fill out the form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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